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UPDATE: Fallen Butterflies High School Art Curriculum Happening Now!

Our Mission:

"The goal of Havenly Blue is to unite all organizations and most of all humanity; to give children a VOICE and make ALL children a priority."

Havenly Blue is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization who strives to see a society where children are our nation’s top priority. Through EDUCATION and ACTION we aim to stimulate change and build communities of vocal child abuse advocates. We empower children and survivors to tell their stories and speak out against the abuse they face in order to bring HOPE for a better tomorrow. Havenly Blue is determined to bring about AWARENESS in order to provoke changes in the laws that govern children's rights on a Federal and State level.

The goal is to ensure the SAFETY OF ALL CHILDREN; ending the cycle of child abuse and neglect. This change can only be accomplished through the UNITY OF ALL PEOPLE; fellow advocates, organizations and, most of all, humanity. JOIN THE MOVEMENT and know you are part of keeping a child safe and protected.

“One day we will live in a society where children can just be children."
-Priscilla Perez, Founder of Havenly Blue



BE Havenly Blue.



Havenly Blue Action Items

  • Fallen Butterflies Documentary ( Happening Now! )
  • Fallen Butterflies High School Art Curriculum ( Happening Now! )
  • Wall of the Butterflies Project ( In Development )
  • Abuse Reporting Map ( Coming Soon )
  • Havenly Blue Store ( Coming Soon )
  • Havenly Blue Grassroots Activist Camp ( Coming Soon )
  • Butterfly Patch Local Gatherings ( Coming Soon )