1st Annual Havenly Blue-Fallen Butterflies Remembrance!

Today's 1st Annual Fallen Butterflies Remembrance went great and we were SO close to filling the grave sites of the Garden of the Innocent.  It was amazing to see people come from different parts of Los Angeles to be part of the movement to commemorate ALL fallen children, no matter what the circumstance.  I am already making new plans for next year's Easter event in hopes to create MORE humility.  I truly thank everyone who came out to place flowers and a GREAT thank you to all the vendors who made it possible for us to have this event.

The following vendors deserve an honorable mention for their humility towards Havenly Blue's Fallen Butterflies Movement.  The next time you need to purchase flowers, please keep these vendors in mind as their humility helped to almost fill the Garden of the Innocent. WE can't wait to see all our vendors next Easter! Many Thank You's!

Susie's Flowers

Eliseo's Flowers

Camila's Flowers

Ramiro's Flowers


Holland Inc







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