The Organization

Havenly Blue is made possible by the efforts of the following people. Each person has dedicated their time and energy into helping see this project is a success. If you want to know more about the people behind the scenes of Havenly Blue, you have come to the right place.


 Priscilla Perez - Founder of Havenly Blue Foundation

Priscilla Perez
Founder and President of Havenly Blue Foundation
Priscilla Perez is a survivor of child abuse; she understands first-hand the cycle of abuse, the damage it causes a child’s self-esteem, and the systemic failures within federal organizations that claim to protect children. As a young adult, she was one of the “lucky ones” who was able to recover from the trauma, grow, and separate her experience as a victim from her identity and self-value. However, her younger siblings remained in the foster care system and suffered at the hands of abusers. Without financial means or representation, she educated herself on the laws in order to fight for custody of all her younger siblings, which she was granted in 2010. That experience empowered her to advocate for other children suffering from abuse; to give them a voice in the court system and to help change the laws that protect abusers.




James Haven
Founder of Core Cause Foundation
James is the Honorary Senior Advisor on Global Issues at Harvard and founder of the CoreCause Foundation. James has lobbied to reauthorize the PEPFAR bill, and championed a Presidential executive order which laid out sweeping education reform for the Youth of all 566 recognized Native American tribes in the United States. James is active in global humanitarian efforts and is working to raise awareness for stronger policy and enforcement that protects children all across America – and the globe – from abuse.



Kelsey Grace Chavarria
CEO of Chavarria Productions
Director of The Fallen Butterflies
Kelsey Grace Chavarria is an up-and-coming filmmaker from Long Beach California. Drawn by humanitarian causes, she is focused on the Department of Children and Family Services of Los Angeles, and is exploring with other child advocates the harm that is imposed upon many children within the system. Kelsey is developing a documentary which will shed light on the much underrepresented prevalent child abuse epidemic within our nation. The documentary focuses on the lives of three child advocates and their mission to expose misconduct within the world of children's supportive services.



Adam Steel
CEO of GROW Awareness Agency
Producer of The Fallen Butterflies
Adam has dedicated his life to help others GROW. After college, he took the role as Director of Philanthropy at Change For Balance for 5 years. During that time he won numerous awards as a filmmaker, created a a film-making class for low-income students in East Los Angeles, served as a mentor for homeless youth in Orange County, while creating lasting partnerships with non-profits and businesses.



Jay Matthew
CEO of Jay Matthew Consulting
Jay has been involved in non-profit ventures since 2004, creating and helping to coordinate several political campaigns and grassroots organizations. During this time, Jay has been a facilitator, fund-raising director, field director and strategist, as well as working with numerous election campaigns. Jay has been involved with such high-ranking organizations as Democracy For America, United Farm Workers Foundation, Reform Immigration FOR America, and the Bill White For Texas Governor campaign.