Anti-Bully City Ordinance Passed!

Last night Havenly Blue's founder Priscilla Perez and Havenly Teen Ambassador Jade Archer made headway in the movement to keep children safe.  Carson City is now the first city to pass a city ordinance which would make bullying/cyber bullying a crime.  The Mayor and council member Gipson really took the initiative to become a leading city to ensure our children are a priority and we are so appreciative to the entire city council members of Carson city for proving they care about children's safety beyond the class room bell.  Here are a couple of news links:

Although we still have another council meeting to ensure the safety of children, I know the city of Carson is a leader in taking action against bullying and they ultimately will make the right choice to keep ALL children safe!


I am SO proud of you Jade! These past couple of years working side by side to advocate for children has been amazing, now lets go spread more humility to create stronger communities. The work we do is to protect all children and to always voice for The Fallen Butterflies Movement...never forget the fallen.




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