Easter Thanks!!

This past Easter Sunday Fallen Butterflies Remembrance was an event I will never forget!  I had a chance to meet new people who heard what Havenly Blue does and what we're all about for the first time and donated towards the cause.  It was truly an experience to make kids happy with their gift bags, flowers, candy, and of course Easter eggs!

I would like to thank the following businesses from the Los Angeles Flower Mart for their kind flower donations and hopefully their kindness will be shared again next year!

Arnoldo Sanchez Wholesale Flowers - 755 S. Wall Street Los Angeles, CA 90014

Aroma Flowers Wholesale - 744 S. San Julian #A Los Angeles, CA 90014

Eliseo's Wholesale Flowers - 754 S. Wall St. #11 Los Angeles, CA 90014 or eliseovalle1474@gmail.com

Gonzalez & Sons Wholesale Flowers-754 S. Wall St. Ste 26 Los Angeles, CA 90014 / GonzalezSonsWholesaleFlowers@outlook.com

Holland Flower Market Inc. - 755 Wall St.#7G Los Angeles, CA 90014 or francisco @hollandflower.com

Imported Flowers from Paradise Inc. -  754 Wall St. #3 Los Angeles, CA 90014 or josevalenciajv@yahoo.com

Julia's Wholesale Flowers-  754 Wall St. #!7 Los Angeles, CA 90014 

Maverick Flowers - 754 Wall Street Los Angeles, CA 90014 or maverickflowersla@gmail.com

O&J Growers - 755 Wall St. #3 Los Angeles, CA 90014 or luiscarlos925@gmail.com

Ramiros's Wholesale Flowers 755 Wall St. #12 Los Angeles, CA 90014 or morechas@dslextreme.com

Shibata Floral Company - 755 Wall St. #11 Los Angeles, CA 90014 

Susie's Wholesale Flowers - 755 Wall St. #29A Los Angeles, CA 90014


Havenly Blue is appreciative to the flower mart community who really came together to make this another great Easter event! And to my businesses who donate every year you have a special place in my heart for your continuous support to spread humility.  Thank you!


-Priscilla Perez, Havenly Blue Founder




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Havenly Blue's Fallen Butterflies Screening

To keep everyone posted, Havenly Blue had the wonderful experience of seeing all the hard work of spreading awareness of child abuse/neglect on the big screen! The Fallen Butterflies Movement was created to educate and commemorate the children we have already lost due to such a prevalent issue.  Through the hard work of many people who have said YES to helping Havenly Blue, The Fallen Butterflies documentary's first movie screening was amazing!  

The experience of watching all our hard work in a huge theatre, on the big screen, and to a sold out crowd brought me to tears because... I felt all the knocking on doors, scheduling meetings, and talking until my face turned blue...or red!  I finally saw humility creating change before my eyes.  I KNOW this is the beginning and although it may take more time to have more people say YES to helping Havenly Blue.  I just keep going, knocking, scheduling meetings, and talking until my face once again turns blue...or red.  It took one person to say YES and this is the outcome, now imagine what would happen if 100 said yes? or 1,000? or 1 million?  WE could live in a world of love, protection, and nurture for all children!

I had the chance to take a pic of the theatre before the Fallen Butterflies Documentary screening, while the band set up.  We still need help to complete The Fallen Butterflies Project and we hope many of you who are reading are in a position to extend a helping hand.  Please feel free to email me at havenlybluepriscilla@gmail.com if you want to help or have your school get involved.


 If I come knocking on YOUR door, will you say YES?




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Havenly Blue on The BBQ Show with Q and Joe Sav!

I had the pleasure of being invited to The BBQ show with Q and Joe Sav from Betelnut Radio.  This radio show was not only fun, hilarious, and beat thriving but it dedicates much time to being a community voice for people who are trying to make this world a better place.

 These two truly funny Pacific Islanders and their co-hosts Lulu and Tiffany gave Havenly Blue the chance to tell it's beginning and to speak of The Fallen Butterflies Art Curriculum and although I was somewhat nervous they made me feel right at home with humor, great music, and I even had the chance to meet amazing talent Lea Love and Preston from Ezra who performed LIVE!  Preston from Ezra even offered to help out Havenly Blue with his incredible musical talent.  

Here is the link to The BBQ Show with Q and Joe Sav!  Don't forget to listen every Thursday at 7pm.  You can listen to the interview at the following link to download.








This was truly THE most fun interview I have had in child advocacy!  

Thank you lots.











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Havenly Blue on Twilight Radio

Yesterday evening Wednesday May 21, 2014 I had the pleasure to interview with Twilight Radio along with Council Member Mike Gipson on the new anti bully ordinance and movement to keep children safe.  I thank Zeke Vidaurri (Host) for inviting me to replace Mayor Jim Dear who was originally on schedule but unfortunately could not attend due to a business engagement. 

Councilman Mike Gipson authored the anti bully ordinance in the city of Carson and passed the first reading 5-0 but did not pass the second reading with votes 3-2.  The anti bully ordinance will be re-visited in 60-90days for new reading with verbiage change in hopes of passing both first and second reading to keep ALL children safe from bully behavior.  

This is just a little bump in the road and WE at havenly blue and J.A.B will never give up building communities of respect and humility for others.



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Havenly Teen Makes National News!

Today our Havenly Teen Ambassador Jade Archer (J.A.B) made National news via CBS 2 on the proposed Anti Bully ordinance in California.  We support the ordinance to make cyber bullying and bullying a crime to ensure we can create productive members of society and not future adult bullies who become abusers of both their marital partners and their children.  This ordinance would enforce the bully issue, especially cyber bullying and combat the cycle of abusive behavior; support the movement to keep children safe! 

Havenly Blue strives to create a more humble society by teaching our youth they have the power to make the world a better place to live in and just because they are young doesn't mean they can't make an impact.  

I am SO proud of Jade and when the world has teens and youth like her, this world can be an amazing place to live in.  Keep up the great advocacy work!


View one amazing Havenly Teen Ambassador at work! 














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Anti Bully Ordinance?

So as many of you might know due to a previous blog, Havenly Blue and it's Havenly Teen Jade Archer from J.A.B are at the forefront to support Carson Mayor Jim Dear and Council Member Mike Gipson to implement and enforce the Anti Bully Ordinance.  The ordinance has already passed the first round with the votes coming in at 5-0.  The second round will be heard on May 20th when Carson City Council will decide whether to make bullying a crime.  

As a society we speak of bullying as a "part of growing up" or it "toughens kids up"...I never thought part of growing up meant daily beatings, psychological abuse by telling 6 year olds they're worth nothing, altercations because a child is an immigrant or gay, or worse bullying someone to the extent they commit suicide.

 If your child was or is bullied with words...do you truly believe bully behavior stops at verbal abuse? Most children who engage in bully behavior don't just stop at verbal abuse, as they need to always feel superior then someone else.  If you really think about it, how does domestic violence begin? It usually begins with verbal abuse, which leads to physical abuse, and in some cases it leads to murder or incarceration.  Do you think a child who engages in bully behavior who is minimally disciplined will engage in bully behavior as an adult?

Just as there are curfew laws for teens which also have parental consequences, why wouldn't we apply consequences for aggressive behavior? Especially when teen suicide is at an escalating rate.

I have endured, witnessed, stopped child bullying and even encountered adult bully behavior.   For those who have seen the aggressive habitual behavior of bullying...YOU understand it needs to STOP.  As adults we follow rules and abide by laws because WE know there are consequences for negative actions and as the saying goes "children are like sponges" so why not teach them early enough to follow and abide by rules and laws?  So they learn to respect others.  


Anti Bully Ordinance Media Links:




We will post more media links soon!  


 I am SO proud of my Havenly Teen Ambassador Jade Archer! I have watched her grow these past couple of years from a victim, to survivor, and now an empowered child advocate....Gee, where could she have learned SO much child advocacy? You lead by example and you teach what you preach, always.  Jade will NEVER walk alone! For Havenly Blue will always be by her side.  




Havenly Teen Ambassador Jade Archer and Founder Priscilla Perez always spreading awareness to combat the maltreatment of ALL children, respectfully. 




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Unity Poetry

This weekend was amazing meeting guitarist Gary Clark Jr. and singer Alice Smith at an event dedicated to poetry and how it can change the world.  I was able to speak to singer Alice Smith personally of Havenly Blue and she's on board!  I thank artists who choose to be humble without all the publicity as this is an effort to educate others on the prevalent issue of child abuse and neglect.  We need to teach humility, consideration, and respect always no matter if you're a teacher, an advocate, a political figure, or in this case an astounding vocalist.  

Thank you Alice Smith for taking the time to listen to my work and for knowing this is something we truly need help with.




Thank you Alice Smith!

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Anti-Bully City Ordinance Passed!

Last night Havenly Blue's founder Priscilla Perez and Havenly Teen Ambassador Jade Archer made headway in the movement to keep children safe.  Carson City is now the first city to pass a city ordinance which would make bullying/cyber bullying a crime.  The Mayor and council member Gipson really took the initiative to become a leading city to ensure our children are a priority and we are so appreciative to the entire city council members of Carson city for proving they care about children's safety beyond the class room bell.  Here are a couple of news links:



Although we still have another council meeting to ensure the safety of children, I know the city of Carson is a leader in taking action against bullying and they ultimately will make the right choice to keep ALL children safe!


I am SO proud of you Jade! These past couple of years working side by side to advocate for children has been amazing, now lets go spread more humility to create stronger communities. The work we do is to protect all children and to always voice for The Fallen Butterflies Movement...never forget the fallen.




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April 27, 2014 News

So today's daily dose of BBC UK News stated it might soon become illegal for pedophiles to download "grooming" manuals, this would be an amazing step towards the movement to keep children safe.  For those of you who are not aware of what the "grooming" process is...in a few words it's the "set up" pedophiles utilize before they actually abuse a child to ensure they never tell anyone of the abuse.  The grooming process can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year and pedophiles usually are very close to the family and if they are not close to the family...they will eventually become friends with the parents to enable their abusive actions.

You may view the article at www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-2717704

Although the loop holes both in the UK, U.S. and many other countries protect pedophiles rights by allowing directions on how to abuse children...it is ultimately the responsibility of our society to not only change the laws but to actually implement them to protect ALL children.

Let's stop the cycle of abuse!  Spread humility to build community.  Evoke HOPE!

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1st Annual Havenly Blue-Fallen Butterflies Remembrance!

Today's 1st Annual Fallen Butterflies Remembrance went great and we were SO close to filling the grave sites of the Garden of the Innocent.  It was amazing to see people come from different parts of Los Angeles to be part of the movement to commemorate ALL fallen children, no matter what the circumstance.  I am already making new plans for next year's Easter event in hopes to create MORE humility.  I truly thank everyone who came out to place flowers and a GREAT thank you to all the vendors who made it possible for us to have this event.

The following vendors deserve an honorable mention for their humility towards Havenly Blue's Fallen Butterflies Movement.  The next time you need to purchase flowers, please keep these vendors in mind as their humility helped to almost fill the Garden of the Innocent. WE can't wait to see all our vendors next Easter! Many Thank You's!

Susie's Flowers

Eliseo's Flowers

Camila's Flowers

Ramiro's Flowers


Holland Inc







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