Anti Bully Ordinance?

So as many of you might know due to a previous blog, Havenly Blue and it's Havenly Teen Jade Archer from J.A.B are at the forefront to support Carson Mayor Jim Dear and Council Member Mike Gipson to implement and enforce the Anti Bully Ordinance.  The ordinance has already passed the first round with the votes coming in at 5-0.  The second round will be heard on May 20th when Carson City Council will decide whether to make bullying a crime.  

As a society we speak of bullying as a "part of growing up" or it "toughens kids up"...I never thought part of growing up meant daily beatings, psychological abuse by telling 6 year olds they're worth nothing, altercations because a child is an immigrant or gay, or worse bullying someone to the extent they commit suicide.

 If your child was or is bullied with you truly believe bully behavior stops at verbal abuse? Most children who engage in bully behavior don't just stop at verbal abuse, as they need to always feel superior then someone else.  If you really think about it, how does domestic violence begin? It usually begins with verbal abuse, which leads to physical abuse, and in some cases it leads to murder or incarceration.  Do you think a child who engages in bully behavior who is minimally disciplined will engage in bully behavior as an adult?

Just as there are curfew laws for teens which also have parental consequences, why wouldn't we apply consequences for aggressive behavior? Especially when teen suicide is at an escalating rate.

I have endured, witnessed, stopped child bullying and even encountered adult bully behavior.   For those who have seen the aggressive habitual behavior of bullying...YOU understand it needs to STOP.  As adults we follow rules and abide by laws because WE know there are consequences for negative actions and as the saying goes "children are like sponges" so why not teach them early enough to follow and abide by rules and laws?  So they learn to respect others.  


Anti Bully Ordinance Media Links:


We will post more media links soon!  


 I am SO proud of my Havenly Teen Ambassador Jade Archer! I have watched her grow these past couple of years from a victim, to survivor, and now an empowered child advocate....Gee, where could she have learned SO much child advocacy? You lead by example and you teach what you preach, always.  Jade will NEVER walk alone! For Havenly Blue will always be by her side.  




Havenly Teen Ambassador Jade Archer and Founder Priscilla Perez always spreading awareness to combat the maltreatment of ALL children, respectfully. 




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