Attend an event

The Havenly Blue Foundation and our Fallen Butterflies Movement Art Curriculum is dedicated to building community.  We strive to educate, spread awareness, and create change through events to build humility between people.  Please look at our calendar and attend an event to help build your community to end child abuse and neglect. 

If you would like to help The Fallen Butterflies movement by hosting an event, please contact Priscilla Perez at  

How can YOU help?  You begin by building YOUR community first!  Please contact us to begin building unity in your community by hosting an event or have The Fallen Butterflies Movement come to your school.  

Havenly Blue now has a teen ambassador program and if you are a teen leader who wants to make change in your community, contact us to speak at your school!  We have teens in different cities who are creating change through child advocacy unity, now it's YOUR turn...How will YOU make a difference to stop child abuse and neglect?

If you would like to become a member of The Fallen Butterflies Garden which shows all the people and businesses who commit to helping Havenly Blue implement new programs and new projects to end child abuse and neglect, please contact us!  We could use all the help and support to build communities.


"Whether it is 5 people or 5000 people, it is worth the time to educate others."

Founder of The Havenly Blue Foundation,  Priscilla Perez 

No events yet.