Fallen Butterflies Art Project


“Fallen Butterflies” 

Art for Change

High School Curriculum Development

The program for High School outreach uses a donated brand mark and art curriculum implementation which encourages strong brand reach, positive exposure and an on-target awareness campaign. The Wall of Fallen Butterflies curriculum will be developed by educators and give opportunity for students to understand how developing art can have impact on the real world. Each participating class will have the opportunity to utilize the Fallen Butterflies mark as a starting point for their project.

Each class will produce unique projects, such as jewelry, paintings, sculptures, etc. featuring the mark. This program and curriculum will be on target and generate a high level of word-of-mouth awareness within the right groups – and will become a model for other classes to replicate easily across the nation. Materials developed will be auctioned off (1/3 to the student, 1/3 to the school, 1/3 to Havenly Blue) or considered for reproduction and incorporation as an official H.B. product.

After successful development of curriculum and marketing materials the students work will be utilized to develop an Etsy artisan campaign. Materials will be produced and marketed to Etsy artists - asking them to take part in an on-line version of the art program. The same commitment to sharing 1/3 of proceeds to Havenly Blue would still apply, and the artist will get the opportunity to choose a supporting non-profit for the remaining portion of the proceeds.

When done right this artisan campaign will spread awareness with taste-makers far and wide, and will affect their work positively.

When do we start? Now!

The “Fallen Butterflies” Wearable Art Project focuses on raising awareness about children who are caught in the cycle of abuse and neglect. This “activist art” project shows students how creative expression and generosity can have a positive impact on the real world beyond the classroom. The Havenly Blue Foundation rallies on behalf of these minors who do not have a voice in the legal system.

Students from Los Alamitos High School meet Havenly Blue Founder Priscilla Perez

Students from Los Alamitos High School had a chance to meet Havenly Blue’s Founder, Priscilla Perez, and hear her touching and inspiring life story. They also looked at historical and contemporary examples of artists who concern themselves with making art for positive change as inspiration for this project.

Students reinterpreted the Fallen Butterflies mark

Each student re-interpreted the “Fallen Butterflies” mark — which features a child’s face on a butterfly’s wings — as a starting point to create a piece of unique wearable art (earrings, necklace pendant, or bracelet). Student work was also selected for an online art auction to raise money for the foundation, the art department at Los Alamitos High School, and a portion went to the individual student.

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