Founding Story

All foundations have a beginning... this is my story and my passion to end the abuse of ALL children.

 My name is Priscilla Perez and I am the founder of Havenly Blue which is dedicated to spreading awareness of child abuse and neglect through a humility movement like no other.  I am one of six siblings, a child abuse survivor, and one passionate child advocate.  

 My story is very complicated and somewhat confusing due to my family dynamics but I will keep it simple enough to understand why I do what I do.  I must inform you I became vocal as an adult and due to the statute of limitations of sexual abuse, many like myself must endure watching our abusers walk free to abuse more children.

The first five years of my life I was physically abused by my biological mother until a brave soul came to save the day.  I then went into foster care for a brief moment to a beautiful black family who showed me love, compassion, and most of all stability of what family was supposed to be.

 My wonderful biological father eventually was granted full custody of me and I went to live with him and his first wife, by the time I was 8 years old I began to be sexually abused by my step mothers brother a.k.a "tio" or "uncle".  For those of you who are not aware, 42% of children who are sexually abused by the age of 7 will most likely be suicidal in their teens which is what happened to me.  At the age of 12 I began to have suicidal thoughts and by the time I was 16 I acted on those thoughts and attempted to take my own life.  When I awoke from a coma I realized I was much bigger then what abuse had taken from me and it was NOT my fault for being a child who never asked to be brought into the world.  At the age of 17 I graduated from high school and finally began to "live"... a little.   I became stronger as I grew older and with maturity came clarity of my situation.

Unfortunately my younger siblings suffered the same fate and were placed in foster care as well,  but not to a loving foster home as was mine.  Disclosures were made by two of my younger siblings of maltreatment and I had to do what any older sibling and responsible adult should do!  I legally fought for their safety. 

I had no financial means and no legal representation to help in this type of case, as there are only a handful of attorneys who handle these types of cases properly.  Many people assume this was a clear case because I was their sister... but what many do not understand is the abuser had taken legal guardianship of my siblings LEGALLY without my knowledge!  and I had to fight for custody just like any other person disputing a custody case.

After disclosures of my siblings maltreatment, I was very angry but could not let anger cloud my judgement.  I educated myself and learned the law to the best of my ability pertaining to MY case.  I was able to arm myself with the law, gathered both circumstantial and physical evidence to substantiate my case, and I ultimately brought my family home! 

All my younger siblings are now adults and although our road wasn't paved in gold...WE will not let our negative past dictate who we will become! 


 Right after this ordeal I learned of the horrific case of Baby Brianna Lopez from New Mexico and the rest is history...This is how Havenly Blue and The Fallen Butterflies Movement began.  Please join the movement today to create humility around the world!






Priscilla Perez, Founder of Havenly Blue and Creator of The Fallen Butterflies Movement

Los Alamitos High School (California) - First high school to initiate The Fallen Butterflies Movement Art Curriculum!   

The Fallen Butterflies Art Curriculum was also selected to be presented at The National Art Convention 2014!


Is your school next? or Want to sponsor HB?








 "In order to change the cycle of abuse,  WE must first teach and spread humility to all."

-Priscilla Perez