Havenly Blue's Fallen Butterflies Screening

To keep everyone posted, Havenly Blue had the wonderful experience of seeing all the hard work of spreading awareness of child abuse/neglect on the big screen! The Fallen Butterflies Movement was created to educate and commemorate the children we have already lost due to such a prevalent issue.  Through the hard work of many people who have said YES to helping Havenly Blue, The Fallen Butterflies documentary's first movie screening was amazing!  

The experience of watching all our hard work in a huge theatre, on the big screen, and to a sold out crowd brought me to tears because... I felt all the knocking on doors, scheduling meetings, and talking until my face turned blue...or red!  I finally saw humility creating change before my eyes.  I KNOW this is the beginning and although it may take more time to have more people say YES to helping Havenly Blue.  I just keep going, knocking, scheduling meetings, and talking until my face once again turns blue...or red.  It took one person to say YES and this is the outcome, now imagine what would happen if 100 said yes? or 1,000? or 1 million?  WE could live in a world of love, protection, and nurture for all children!

I had the chance to take a pic of the theatre before the Fallen Butterflies Documentary screening, while the band set up.  We still need help to complete The Fallen Butterflies Project and we hope many of you who are reading are in a position to extend a helping hand.  Please feel free to email me at havenlybluepriscilla@gmail.com if you want to help or have your school get involved.


 If I come knocking on YOUR door, will you say YES?




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