Havenly Teen Makes National News!

Today our Havenly Teen Ambassador Jade Archer (J.A.B) made National news via CBS 2 on the proposed Anti Bully ordinance in California.  We support the ordinance to make cyber bullying and bullying a crime to ensure we can create productive members of society and not future adult bullies who become abusers of both their marital partners and their children.  This ordinance would enforce the bully issue, especially cyber bullying and combat the cycle of abusive behavior; support the movement to keep children safe! 

Havenly Blue strives to create a more humble society by teaching our youth they have the power to make the world a better place to live in and just because they are young doesn't mean they can't make an impact.  

I am SO proud of Jade and when the world has teens and youth like her, this world can be an amazing place to live in.  Keep up the great advocacy work!


View one amazing Havenly Teen Ambassador at work! 














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