Havenly Youth/Teen Ambassadors

The Fallen Butterflies Movement is proud to announce it's Havenly Youth Ambassador Program!  Havenly Blue seeks to ALWAYS provide open source mentorship through creating humble future leaders through arts and academics.  The Havenly Youth Ambassador program is a volunteer position where young youth and teens take action to build community in the Fallen Butterflies Movement and beyond.  The Ambassador program isn't just applying to be a volunteer...a teen or youth must prove they are leaders with our "If you preach, then you must teach" approach.  Havenly Teens/Youth must keep at least a "B" average in ALL subjects and prove humility by always helping others and keeping children a priority by taking The Fallen Butterflies Pledge.  

We proudly announce our California Havenly Teen Ambassador Jade Archer.  Jade has shown strength, leadership, and humility by being vocal and taking ACTION for positive change.

Bullying and domestic violence are variables which in most cases are tied to child abuse... and you may ask how? or Why?  

Jade Archer was bullied by her peers since the second grade which led her to actually believe the horrible things her peer bullies were telling her.  This peer abuse continued and led Jade to feel alone which also led to self-harm.  At age 12 Jade attempted to take her own life and thankfully for US she is now a survivor of bullying and a growing 15 year old activist.  

How can this issue affect your home? or your child?

Jade's bully lived in a home of domestic violence and emotional child abuse which led to the crime of bullying, the cycle of child abuse then lead another child in a loving home to feel unworthy and ultimately attempt suicide...this is why? and how? it can affect your home and YOUR child.  Although crimes against children exist, WE can stop the cycle by creating humility, to build community, and to create a more humble future society who cares about children.  WE will begin a NEW cycle of humble, strong, and vocal leaders!


This is what being vocal and humility can accomplish, please click on the link below to watch positive change to keep children safe.  



Email us via our contact page to have Jade and Priscilla speak at your school! or event.















  The following H.A.V.E.N.LY qualities are needed from all teen/youth Ambassadors.

HUMILITY for others will make others have humility for everyone.

AWARENESS is being vocal of the issue or variable tied to child abuse needing to be fixed.  

Voice for The Fallen Butterflies! Remember the fallen always.

Education is the key to understanding how to make change.

Never give up!

Leadership is taking action by loving yourself enough to stand up for yourself first! By loving yourself, you gain strength to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves  

You! create change by building unity in commYOUnity. 

 If you know or have a teen who would like to create leadership in their community, please email us at havenlybluepriscilla @gmail.com and show us how you or your teen builds commYOUnity to keep all children safe.  


"I've seen humility, love, and strength change an entire community...NOW imagine what it can do to a nation?"

  Havenly Blue Founder, Priscilla Perez








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  • commented 2016-03-23 12:44:45 -0700
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  • commented 2014-05-07 19:59:07 -0700
    Please view our Havenly Teen Ambassador who is an example of leadership and activism to create humility between people. I have been with Jade since the beginning and it has been an honor to watch her grow into an amazing young woman and activist.